Top 5 Songs Which Rustam Orujov Likes To Listen To For Motivation


Music is a painkiller for many people. Everyone has got a favorite song that brings them to life when the boredom comes in. Even athletes use songs for motivation, relaxation, and enjoyment. But what about Azerbaijan’s judo fighter Rustam Orujov? Here are the top 5 songs which Rustam likes to listen to for motivation.


1.  300 Violin Orchestra – Jorge Quintero

300 Violin orchestra has become a sports anthem and very well known among the pump up songs category. The producer Jorge Quintero, makes a living making hip hop beats and instrumental beats of all kinds. This epic track has been used all over from abc to fox sports, and played at major league games frequently.



3.  Summer Cem – TMM TMM


4.  A$AP Ferg – Plain Jane (Dr. Fresch Remix)


5.  Need For Speed Underground Theme Song



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